Monday Movie Magic: Grave Mercy

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I don’t know about you, lovely readers, but this weekend flew by! Well, in order to add a little pizazz to a mundane Monday, I’ve prepared a Monday Movie Magic for you. My pick is Grave Mercy by Robin LeFevers. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any rumors about this wonderful novel being turned into a movie, but that isn’t stopping me from creating my dream cast. Here we go!


I absolutely love Gemma Arterton. She’s played Elizabeth Bennet, a bond girl and Io, to name a few of her more famous characters. I have no doubt in my mind she can channel the innocent yet fearless female warrior essence that is Ismae.

Gavriel Duval

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Okay, so this is partially a shameless plug but also my true feelings as well. Tim Jacobs (my wonderful and supportive boyfriend) is primarily known for playing heart-breaker after heart-breaker on the stage, but I think he could flawlessly transition to the big screen in order to portray the dashing, handsome and brooding Gavriel. He’s played a multitude of romantic lead characters (primarily from Shakespeare), but most recently can be seen on film as a Deado from R.I.P.D. starring Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon.

Count d’Albret


I had about a dozen actors come to mind for this role, but interestingly enough, I landed on Rufus Sewell. While the count is a despicable character, I didn’t want to go the obvious route and cast someone who looks just as evil. Rufus has a wide array of characters under his belt (both good and not so good), so I think he’d be gripping in this role.

Duchess Anne


Since Anne is supposed to be 12 or 13, I imagine her with very delicate and childlike features. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of child actors (nor do I know many), so I searched for an established actress with a delicate frame: Tina Majorino.

Abbess of St. Mortain


Angelica Huston has perfected portraying characters we love to hate (think Ever After, The Witches and Mists of Avalon), and the Abbess is just that. She is the only real mother figure to Ismae, but also has a hidden agenda. I’d love to see Huston portray this role and create and amalgamation between the Abbess and Vivianne.



I’ve only ever seen Kevin Durand portray meat-head, thug or disturbed characters, but I think it would be really compelling to see him in a different role. While Beast is known for being fearless in battle, I do know he has a romantic story in the sequel Dark Triumph.

Well, there you have it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    • Ashley

      Hi Missie! I haven’t read too many fantasy novels, but this was the perfect mix of historical fiction, romance and fantasy. I’m currently reading the sequel, Dark Triumph, and am really enjoying it!

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