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March 19, 2015 Randomz 17

izombie-posterrrIf you’ve heard about iZombie already, it was likely in the same breath as Veronica Mars. And how not when the new series is developed by Rob Thomas, the creator of VMars. I was surprised to discover that iZombie is actually based off of a graphic novel of the same name, but so far, the show feels a whole lot like VMars with brains.

Now, that’s not actually a terrible thing, for this show to remind us of our favorite teen PI. Its a formula that clearly works well enough. I’m just hoping that this wears off after a few episodes, because there’s enough to make iZombie successful on its own!

The pilot opens with Liv Moore’s smooth voice over, narrating how her life was before becoming a zombie. She had it all going for her: a position as a doctor, a fiance named Major (yes, really) and a developing rapport with a colleague that had been critical of her. She jets off to a boat party with her newly jovial co-worker at the insistence of Major, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Of course this line seals her fate: the boat party gets crashed by hungry zombies. Liv comes to in a body bag, a streak of white hair already marking her transformation.

Flash forward five months and Liv is under serious scrutiny by her mother, roommate, and strangely, now ex-fiance Major (why he’s still hanging around?). Apparently, becoming a zombie makes you a nihilist, yet her loved ones see it as PSTD. As far as they know, a bunch of murderers attacked the boat party; zombies are not a known entity in this world. But Liv just can’t find the desire to live as she had anymore. I don’t blame her, she has to eat brains in order to keep herself somewhat human-like. Instead of her dream job as a doctor, Liv works in a morgue, where a steady stream of brains keeps her toeing the line between a mindless, angry undead and simply deadpan hilarious.

izombie brainBut the secret isn’t kept for that long, as Liv’s boss Ravi finds her eating brains and is all like, of course you are a zombie! It’s revealed that Liv also has the ability to see flashes of the lives of the people whose brains she devours. This comes in handy when an inexperienced detective comes to the morgue to get info on a Jane Doe. As you might imagine, the show’s major concept is set up here: Liv and detective Babineaux become reluctant partners to solve the murder mystery. We get a whole lot of winks to Veronica here, with our zombie hanging out at the detective’s desk at the station and saying things like, let’s nail this guy to the wall. 

Overall, in the pilot Liv’s sense of purpose is renewed, now that she’s able to connect the visions she has from eating brains to solving murders. While this part of the story is interesting, I must admit that mystery moving the episode was kind of lame. It really felt like recycled plot lines from the last VMars book, with View Spoiler ». I have high hopes that this will turn around though, as it’s only the pilot. The episode ends with a new chilling vision of someone Liv saw on the boat committing a murder. Do tell!

Underneath the striking similarities to VMars I think there’s a cool show here. I’m on board with Liv and can’t wait to see what comes next. There’s a lot of work to do around developing the secondary characters, and I hope we get to see Liv go full zombie a bit more.

Crypt Notes:

  • Liv looks waay better with her platinum locks and dark eye makeup. She was born to be zombie.
  • Around the commercial breaks there were comic book styled cutscenes. These were pretty neat.
  • Detective Babineaux has a penchant for turtleneck sweaters. It is entirely distracting. Where’d they even buy those from?
  • When Liv starts subtly taking on the personality of the person whose brain she ate: “So, ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t just a bitchy thing my mother says about fat people.”
  • When Liv goes to see her ex after getting some renewed hope about a cure to her zombieness, she sees him from outside his window playing Left For Dead with a random girl. Double burn.
  • Upon seeing Liv’s roommate in her second scene, I realized it was the girl from Phil From the Future and Easy A. Ah! That was driving me nuts. Also, she’s kind of selfish, getting on Liv’s case while she’s zoning out in front of the tv, eating cheesy poofs of some kind: “You’re my freaking heart, so if you could step it up I’d appreciate it.” Way to make her tragedy about you…
  • There’s a scene where a different detective goes to investigate a lead, and writes down an address on a note pad and Liv gets a suspicious feeling. My first thought was, do the pencil trick! No joke, Babineaux does this later and Liv quips that it really does work. Get out of my head!
  • Psycho motive statement of the year: “I am not going to live in a one-bedroom apartment while my wife gets half my stuff.” Also, how expensive was that ring anyway?
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17 Responses to “You should probably watch iZombie”

    • Anne

      So do it! It was a fun pilot! I ended up watching on my phone and missed some of it from the app freezing up, but am excited to watch next week.

  1. BookishAmber

    I really LURVE Veronica Mars. In-fact its one of the shows I still desperately pine over the fact that there aren’t anymore of. The drama and writing on that show is amazing. So I want to love this. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m a bit afraid of the gore aspect. I have to force myself to watch The Walking Dead, because I love the drama. How is this in terms of gore in relation to say TWD. Is there grossness, or is it not a big deal at all?

    • Anne

      There wasn’t gore. It certainly is not like Walking Dead. We see her take a brain, crumble it up and eat it with noodles, but it just looked like mystery meat. Most of the episode is her with other people, trying to blend. So not a big deal! Although I wouldn’t rule it out in future episodes, but I think the vibe is more funny.

  2. Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts

    I didn’t really know what to expect upon watching this. While I “knew” of VMars…aside from the recent kickstarter movie (it was crowd funded right?), I didn’t really follow it religiously when it aired on television. Same goes with not knowing the comics of iZombie.

    But for CW Network to bring this show into the lineup. Major props to them and I’m really hoping it has staying power to let develop; which I’m hoping is the case since they basically renewed most/all of their shows (The 100~Reign~JTV inclusive–all of which I felt were dubious for their viewer timeslot. Why can’t everything on this network just flourish like The Flash?! Tangents.) Anyhow, it had awesome quirks to it that I think I would have enjoyed a lot more had I not actually saw the pilot promo twice prior to viewing it.

    Not really sure about the eating-brain-to-see-memories concept (and I doubt they’d explore the science in it..if there is any science to explore). It did feel like a Warm Bodies nod (or maybe WB was a nod to iZombies–who knows).

    This is long.

    TL;DR – Enjoyable. Will continue watching. Kudos.


    • Anne

      I don’t remember the memories part in Warm Bodies, but I’m okay with this “science.” And I hope they have time for it too, I think there has been a lot of not awesome first seasons on CW (not counting VMars, season one rocks) and they need to give them some time to work it out. I was surprised at how big a hit Reign became because it is soooo cheesy.

  3. Felicia (asillygirl)

    I haven’t actually heard about this, but I’m a hugh sucker for everything with zombies in it! (Except the real world – I don’t want zombies there!)
    Maybe I should check it out. You can never have too many zombies! (Again, the real world is the exception.)

    • Anne

      :) I hope you are able to watch this then! Liv seems to be different than the other zombies and close to being human so I wouldn’t mind her in the real world. But I bet that’ll change in the future episodes. Maybe we will see the scary zombies!

  4. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    WOAAAHHH! I am a massive Veronica Mars fan and I had no idea he had a new show, this one sounds like so much fun and very slapstick. I’m going to have to check it out, thanks for sharing Anne!

  5. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    This is the first thing I read about this TV show. I have heard the title a few times, but it never really caught my interest. Now I’ll definitely go ahead to check it out :D

  6. BookishAmber

    So I finally decided to watch this, and IT WAS SO GOOD! It was really done well. You can definitely tell that Rob Thomas has a look he likes. It had a very V. Mars Feel to it, for sure, but I LOVED that show, so I’m fairly certain I’m going to love this one!

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