Owl Crate Unboxed: December’s Get Inspired

January 18, 2016 Books 4


I’m a bit obsessed with subscription boxes. The surprise! The loot! The thrill of getting mail! Here’s a look into my latest box: Owl Crate.

I was a little delinquent in my posting during December, so I’ll be posting the January unboxing next week!

The Book



Da Vinci’s Tiger by L.M. Elliott

Have you ever looked at a famous portrait and wondered the backstory of its model? In Da Vinci’s Tiger, L.M. Elliott fleshes out the story behind Ginevra de’ Benci and the famous portrait of her by Leonardo Da Vinci. I’ve just finished the book, and found it to be quite enjoyable, providing a look into fifteenth-century Florence and all its intrigue and poetry. Elliott’s Ginevra is smart, virtuous, well-learned and ultimately, a feminist. She chafes at the roles society has given her, and must deal with the duality of her nature: proper married woman and fierce tiger.

This is not a love story, however. What is central to the plot is Ginevra becoming the Venetian ambassador’s Platonic Love, a concept that is interesting to say the least (chaste love outside of a man’s marriage). This entire story flowed smoothly, and was engrossing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in history and feminism, and wants to learn about Da Vinci’s world.

The Other Goodies



The fun of these boxes is seeing all the little stuff that comes with. With the theme of inspiration for this box, I expected more crafty stuff. However, I still like most of it! The what I read journal is cute and I’ve been filling it out so far with the books I’ve read this year. We’ll see if there is room for my goal of 105 books. I like the to do list notepad, and would use it at work. The magnet is a magnet, and I don’t know what of? What this is supposed to inspire I’m not sure. Maybe making things to hang on the fridge. And finally, I love the candle from Frostbeard Studio. They are based out of Minneapolis, MN so this gave me local pride! The scent of this one is Reading at the Cafe and is a really nice coffee scent.

book reviews by anne engelhart

What do you think of this box? Would you read Da Vinci’s Tiger? Have you bought any Frostbeard Studio candles before? They are fab.

4 Responses to “Owl Crate Unboxed: December’s Get Inspired”

  1. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    Not sure I would read the book, but as usual, the other goodies win. I love “What I read” notebook! But…what kind of book journal would it be if it couldn’t hold AT LEAST 105 books? ;) Haha, I hope you will have room in it for all your reads :)

    • Anne

      I know, we shall see how long the trend lasts with me. :/

      And these candles are fab. I’m currently using one today called Trashy Romance Novel. Smells awesome.

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