Getting my shit together

February 19, 2016 Introspect 17

I’m going to be honest. I’m feeling a little blasé about blogging. Which, as a general lack of posts might indicate, is a complete understatement.

Ashley abandoned ship a while ago. I tried to hold on, but these days I would rather watch Gilmore Girls back-to-back in anticipation of the revival coming soon than blog. (Historically, Team Jess, but now maybe Logan? I guess age will do that? How do I cope with this shift in identity?) And at that, the idea of an in-depth feature on the Gilmores is more enticing to me than reviewing books as I have been for the past two years.

Oh that. A two year blogiversary rolled around and I had no energy to even give myself a small party for committing to something for that long. Because honestly, Top Ten Tuesday posts every once in a while is as fulfilling a relationship as friends with benefits in a romcom. You tell yourself it is what you want, but meh, it’s better to be all in. And everyone around you is saying, no shit. 

We started this blog because a writing class told us to. The advice was, if you are trying to publish a book, its good to have a following. Well, fast forward two years and I neither have a finished book, nor amassed thousands of followers. I’m not in it for the numbers game though. When I was posting a lot, I actually really enjoyed it. And I’m sure I could enjoy it again. Just not in the same way.

I’m thinking of something new.

First and foremost a name change. Lovely Literature has never really fit me, personally. I didn’t put up any resistance to it in the beginning, but I don’t think my writing style — or reading preference — really falls into that category. I’m not entirely versed on how to change my domain name, but I know I want to in order to keep going with blogging.

And my posts would change too. I don’t care to review books, but discuss them. That’s what I enjoy about reading other people’s reviews — the opportunity to talk about books and what we each got out of them. The distinction between reviewing and discussing might not seem that grand, but it’s a shift I’d like to make. And hell, I would talk about more than books on this new blog, and maybe try experimenting with a few different formats and styles. I need to push myself when it comes to my writing, because I’ve become LAZY.

Overall, I’m just unsure and unsatisfied. That’s the summation of your late 20s though. I know I want more, but I’m not sure what yet. I’m getting there though. And I won’t give up. I miss reading all your smart stuff and participating. I just need to get my shit together.

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17 Responses to “Getting my shit together”

  1. Valerie

    I think as long as you don’t leave (like even staying on Twitter is okay for me), then I will be okay. I want you to blog however you want, and I also love book discussions as well, so I would DEFINITELY read those :)

    I had no idea that you started a blog due to class! That is surprising!

    Whether you get your shit together or not, I will be here waiting :)

    • Anne

      Thanks, Val! I should really learn to use Twitter better. Like, I feel like I need turn in my Millennial card, haha. And the class was a Community Ed course through the school district where I live. Pretty funny actually, hosted in a middle school classroom! But it was an actual agent sharing what she knows about getting published.

  2. Maraia

    Eep, I was so worried that you were going to be quitting blogging altogether. I’m very glad you’re not, although I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with it. I agree with Val – I’ll be happy as long as you’re around somewhere. :) I actually prefer book discussions that are blog reader-inclusive to more traditional/factual book reviews, so I’m looking forward to those. (Have you read Kaja’s blog, Of Dragons and Hearts? She has a way of writing reviews that makes it feel as if she’s talking directly to the reader, and it leads to great conversations in the comments.) Whatever you decide to write about, and in whichever format, I’ll be happy to read it! Have some fun experimenting.

    • Anne

      I feel so bad for delaying so long with my comment! I have read Kaja’s blog and agree that it is pretty great. She does have good discussions in the comments, which I love to see and participate in. :)

      And thanks for the vote of confidence! You rock, Maraia!

  3. Kaja

    I think a rebrand and a new direction is a good thing if the existing situation doesn’t work for you anymore. I’ve seen several bloggers change their blogs – they probably lost some of their followers but then gained new ones because they were doing something they loved. Blogging is a hobby so it should definitely not be a chore.
    I hope you find what works for you! :)

    • Anne

      Thanks, Kaja. I was treating blogging like a chore, and I think it becomes clear to readers when that happens. I want it to be a little magical again and not a burden. :D

  4. Stephanie

    I know just how your feeling as it sounds very similar to how I’ve been feeling lately. Not really ready to give up on the blog but also not real happy with it’s current state. I really enjoy your content so am excited that you are just contemplating a change and not necessarily thinking of saying goodbye. I hope you find the sweet spot that gets you jazzed about blogging again!

    • Anne

      Thanks, Stephanie. And I really like your blog too so I am glad to hear you aren’t ready to give up yet either! Even if I have been bad at visiting other blogs lately in my funk (bad Anne). I hope we both get there!

    • Anne

      Thanks, Mel! And I figured it out, just had to contact my host and ask the stupid questions. :D

  5. Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

    I think most bloggers go through times like this. I have many times, I think my life goes through certain busy times when I’m really focused on other things and blogging seems ridiculous. Like why bother? Change is good, though, and if changing your blog name and focus will make you enjoy blogging more, I say do it!

    • Anne

      Thanks, Tammy! I’m always impressed by how much you blog and how enjoyable your reviews are! And I’m a big proponent of change. It’s time for me to make one, I just need to get on it already! :)

  6. Alexa S.

    I’ve definitely felt this a time or two as a blogger! It does wear on you after a while. Rebranding yourself is definitely something that could help, or even just changing up what you post or your design. I find that leaves me always feeling refreshed and ready to start blogging again. I also think that some time away can certainly help give you perspective! Hope you figure things out <3

    • Anne

      Thanks, Alexa! I certainly think the design is part of it too. I get really antsy after the same design for too long!

  7. Rinn

    I’m sorry to hear this Anne, but it seems like your plans are good! If things aren’t happening, it’s time to mix them up. And if that keeps you around in the blogging community, then that is great :)

    • Anne

      Thanks, Rinn! Things are certainly not happening, which always gives me a little guilt. Which is hard to squash, but darn being human is tough that way! ;)

  8. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Phew, when I read these sorts of posts I always think that people are quitting, but it really does sound like you’re looking for something fresh to keep up the motivation! A new design or name change definitely would help to perk things up! My favourite thing about blogging is the friendships and people that you connect with over books <3 I hope you can find it again.

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