One day, two lovely ladies shared their darkest secret with each other. Each was sure the other would laugh, but when the first went ahead and divulged, they were amazed to find out they had the same desire – to write a book. Both complete and utter bibliophiles, they started a writing journey together, sharing the stories in their heads as well as their opinions on books already published. Sometimes their thoughts on the same books or characters were markedly different, and sometimes they were in full agreement (Pride & Prejudice FOR LIFE!). Wanting to share their own passion for everything bookish, they started a blog, Lovely Literature. Here you’ll find honest reviews on books old and new, writing exercises for sparking inspiration, perfectly pin-able ideas and more.

About the lovely ladies behind Lovely Literature:

a character polygamist — Ashley has been a character polygamist since she could read. She’s entered into several (one-sided) fictitious relationships with characters from her favorite novels, movies and television shows. She lives for charming characters and stupendous storylines.

In her day job, Ashley is an advertising professional with experience in account management, strategic planning, social media, and creative branding. Besides reading, writing and anything Jane Austen, her passions include the color turquoise, and chai lattes. She is also a contributing film reviewer for FlixChatter. Follow her on Twitter.

a character polygamist_lc

TheForgivingRealist — Anne can remember being disappointed on the first day of kindergarten. The books at her disposal had no words, only pictures, and her teacher pronounced her name “Annie.” After explaining that the “e” was silent, Anne’s critical nature began. Ever since, she’s been enjoying poking holes in books.

Anne is a communications professional in corporate America, and can’t wait until the day when she can pay her bills with words that aren’t related to business decisions. She is particularly taken with her two adopted dogs, and loves to binge-watch Firefly, Veronica Mars, GOT (although the books are far better) and True Blood (the books aren’t better). Anne possess one superpower: speed reading. Follow her on Twitter.


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  1. Jim Engelhart

    Love your Blog. Wish there were a way to “like” without having to sign up.
    You need to add a smattering of sci-fi to the mix.
    Can I recommend an author from the SciFi world? Try “Kiln People” by David Brin. Light, fast read.

  2. anotherafterthought

    Why hello there Ashley and Anne!

    I don’t know if this is where I should put this… but why not. I have nominated you in receiving the Liebster Award! I don’t really know what that means but congrats! To find out more, you can click here.

    If you’ve already accepted The Liebster Award in the past, then you can totally just omit this message (because I didn’t really do a background check). But wait! Regardless of accepting the award or not, I encourage you to consider the prompted questions in the post and just think about your responses to them.


    • Ashley

      Hey Joey!

      Thanks for the nomination! We are humbled and thrilled to have amazing followers like you. Anne and I actually made the conscious decision to be an award-free blog. Nothing against the awards, but we just don’t have the time to keep up them all.

      Thanks again!

    • Ashley

      Aw, thanks! We have some good stuff coming up, like literary cage matches and a book giveaway, so stayed tuned!

  3. martyn

    What made make the decision to avoid self-published books? Was it a matter of reducing the volume of review requests or because you’d received some and found they were universally not up to the same standard as publisher published titles? Just interested :)

  4. ryandejonghe

    Found your blog via Taking on a World of Words’s recommendation. You’ve got a new follower in me. Thanks for providing a great blog. Love me some books!

    • Ashley

      Thanks for following, and thanks to Taking on a World of Words for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoy our little world. We have a few new themed posts up our sleeves, so stay tuned!

  5. alexraphael

    Just found your site and converted already. I cover a lot of literature on my site but sites like yours remind me I can never run out of quotes.

    Ashley: Which literary characters would you most want to date?
    Anne: Which was your favourite children’s book?

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