55/5: We love it!
We will be relentlessly recommending this book to our friends, neighbors, random strangers at the mall. It had us captivated and is worthy of any bookshelf.


4/5: We like it
This book kept us entertained – it was a good read and we are glad we found it. Would certainly pass it on to others without shame!

33/5: It’s okay
We have a couple issues with this book that keeps us from developing our relationship further, but it was nice to meet it. The book wasn’t a waste of our time.


2/5: It’s not good
Sometimes you just don’t click. This book did not make us feel anything out of the ordinary. Wouldn’t recommend to loved ones.


1/5: We hate it/DNF
This book was awful, perhaps due to plotting issues, weak characters, etc. We will enjoy writing vehement reviews about it in return for the time it wasted.

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